Service design + build. 


Business analysis.

Take a peek under the hood. Do you know how your business works? Where the weak points are? Can you explain it to a new employee, or a potential supplier? 

I can help you map your current situation, as a prelude to future change.

Service design.

What makes great customer service? Well-organised teams, doing the right things, supported by reliable technology. 

Let's get your people, processes, and systems working in harmony - for your business and your customers.

System integration.

Your website's connected to your web shop, and your web shop's connected to your CRM, and your CRM's connected to your accounts, and... 

Getting your software to play nice can be daunting. I can help you choose and and connect the right tools for your business.


Recent articles.

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About me.

I have twenty years' experience in software development, management consulting, and digital marketing. I gained much of that experience at PwC Consulting and IBM, working with clients from startups to multinationals.



My thoughts on service design and build, project management, communicating your ideas and getting things done.

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Stuff I use to get work done and keep my business under control.

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